Marielle Albers is a Dutch oil painter who currently lives and works in London.

She is curious about the interplay between the external and internal world. Images from the external world may inspire her and this often informs the starting point of a painting – people, poses, landscapes. She begins to apply paint, using palette knife and brush. Colours, textures and light start to form in a semi-abstract manner and initially lead the process, rather than the subject or the idea of a finished image.

What appears on the canvas leads her into the next stages of painting. Does something become visible, is a brush stroke evoking a new image, is a shadow calling out to be something more figurative?

At this stage, images from her internal world start to appear and sometimes surprise her. Marielle is interested in giving space to the unconscious and not overthinking what will appear but will work in ‘conversation’ with her intuition and what emerges on the canvas, at every stage of creating. This is an exciting process as she never know where the next painting will take her.